The Rebecca Caudill Young Readers’ Book Award (Grades 4-8)

The Rebeccarcyrbalogo Caudill Young Readers’ Book Award is an annual award given to the author of the book voted most outstanding by students in grades 4-8 in participating Illinois schools. For more information on this award, visit the Rebecca Caudill website.




Click on the titles below to view the primary source pairings:

The Book Scavenger, Written by Jennifer Bertman

Drowned City: Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans, Written and Illustrated by Don Brown

Awkward, Written and Illustrated by Svetlana Chmakova

All Rise for the Honorable Perry T. Cook, Written by Leslie Connor

Hour of the Bees, Written by Lindsay Eagar

I Will Always Write Back, Written by Martin Ganda and Caitlin Alifirenka, With Liz Welch

Full Cicada Moon, Written by Marilyn Hilton

House Arrest, Written by K.A. Holt

Roller Girl, Written by Victoria Jamieson

Listen, Slowly, Written by Thanhhà Lại

The Boy on the Wooden Box, Written by Leon Leyson

A Night Divided, Written by Jennifer A. Nielsen

The Seventh Most Important Thing, Written by Shelley Pearsall

I Am Princess X, Written by Cherie Priest

Fuzzy Mud, Written by Louis Sachar

Orbiting Jupiter, Written by Gary D. Schmidt

Beneath, Written by Roland Smith

Goodbye Stranger, Written by Rebecca Stead

The Bitter Side of Sweet, Written by Tara Sullivan

Last in a Long Line of Rebels, Written by Lisa Lewis Tyre