What Is Chasing Duck?

What Is Chasing Duck?
Written and Illustrated by Jan Thomas

Publisher’s Summary:
Duck and his friends are afraid of something chasing them.

Primary Source Pairing:
Creator Jan Thomas is an expert at capturing emotion in her colorful illustrations. What Is Chasing Duck? is not an exception. For this primary source pairing, invite students to use a feelings chart created by Ellie Peters to identify the feelings Duck and the other animals are experiencing. As the time and environment allow, encourage students to identify a feeling they are having that day. As an extension activity, use a resource from Jan Thomas’ website where students can add character dialogue to a talk bubble.

Questions for Discussion:

  • Take notice of all the feelings on this feelings chart.
  • What feelings on the chart have you experienced?
  • While reading the book, think about how Duck and the other characters in the book are feeling. Think of a time you have felt the same way.

Book Cover and Summary: Follett
Feelings Chart: Ellie Peters, creator, linked on Pinterest