The Terrible Two


The Terrible Two
Written by Mac Barnett and Jory John, Illustrated by Kevin Cornell

Publisher’s Summary:
Miles Murphy is not happy to be moving to Yawnee Valley, a sleepy town that’s famous for one thing and one thing only: cows. In his old school, everyone knew him as the town’s best prankster, but Miles quickly discovers that Yawnee Valley already has a prankster and a great one. If Miles is going to take the title from this mystery kid, he is going to have to raise his game.

It’s prankster against prankster in an epic war of trickery until the two finally decide to join forces and pull off the biggest prank ever seen: a prank so huge that it would make the members of the International Order of Disorder proud.

Primary Source Pairing:

Ha! Pranked you! There is no primary source pairing for this book.

-Miles and Niles

Questions for Discussion:

  • What was your favorite prank from the book?
  • Who is the best prankster Miles or Niles?
  • What do you think their next prank will be?

Book Cover and Summary: Follett
Cow picture: MaxPixel
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Bang-up Photoshop job: JMarek