The Secret Hum of a Daisy

The Secret Hum of a Daisy
Written by Tracy Holczer

After 12-year-old Grace’s mother’s sudden death, Grace is forced to live with a grandmother she’s never met. Then she discovers clues in a mysterious treasure hunt–one that will help her find her true home.

Primary Source Pairing:
Learn to fold the origami paper cranes that are an important part of Grace’s treasure hunt and discoveries about her mother and herself.

Questions for Discussion:

  • Describe what you see.
  • What do you notice first?
  • Is there any text you can read? What does it say?
  • What was the purpose of this text?
  • Who do you think is the audience?
  • What can you learn from examining this?

Book Cover and Summary: Follett
Origami Crane Folding Directions: Wikipedia Commons