Last Stop on Market Street

Last Stop on Market Street
Written by Matt de la Peña, Illustrated by Christian Robinson

Publisher’s Summary:
Every Sunday after church, CJ and his Grandma ride the bus across town. But today, CJ wonders why they don’t own a car like his friend Colby. Why doesn’t he have an iPod like the boys on the bus? How come they always have to get off in the dirty part of town? Each question is met with an encouraging answer from Grandma, who helps him see the beauty—and fun—in their routine and the world around them.

Primary Source Pairing:
CJ and his Grandma ride the bus together. Find a map of the local public transportation services in your area. For this pairing, the CTA Bus Map for the Downtown service is included. Invite students to plan a route from one place to another using the map to determine which bus(es) they would ride to get to their destination.

Additionally, Last Stop on Market Street has been translated into many languages and is available in a variety of formats, including Braille. Check your local public library system to see what is available. How do the different languages or formats influence the interpretation, tone, meaning, and experience of the story?

Questions for Discussion:

  • Describe what you see.
  • What do you notice first?
  • What size and shape is the map?
  • What graphical elements or text do you see?
  • What on the map looks strange or unfamiliar?
  • What place or places does the map show?
  • How could you use this map?
  • Plan a trip. What is your route?

Book Cover and Summary: Follett
Chicago Transit Map: Interactive map