Justin Case: School, Drool, and other Daily Disasters

Justin Case: School, Drool, and other Daily Disasters
Written by Rachel Vail, Illustrated by Matthew Cordell

Justin is very nervous about starting third grade and must make the best of things when he does not get the teacher he wanted, his best friend is in another class, and his favorite stuffed animal disappears.

Primary Source Pairing:
Justin is a kid who is totally in touch with his emotions, and he is usually feeling pretty nervous about everything. Use the Feelings Chart to track Justin’s emotions chapter by chapter. Work with students on making text-to-self connections as they read, and encourage students to chart their own feelings as they read about Justin’s daily disasters and successes.

Questions for Discussion:

  • Describe what you see.
  • What do you notice first?
  • What people and objects are shown?
  • How are they arranged?
  • What feelings on the chart have you experienced?
  • While reading the book, do you have the same feelings as Justin or different feelings? Use the Feelings Chart to track your thinking.

Book Cover and Summary: Follett
Feelings Chart: Ellie Peters, creator, linked on Pinterest