If You Plant a Seed

IfYouPlantASeed.jpgIf You Plant a Seed
Written and Illustrated by Kadir Nelson

Publisher’s Summary:
While planting seeds in their garden, two animals learn the value of kindness.

Primary Source Pairing:
Creator Kadir Nelson gifts not only an important message through this book but also beautiful art that nearly jumps right off the page. For this primary source pairing, invite students to closely examine the illustrations of this book as they read. Nelson’s oil on canvas paintings are full of detail and depth. If feasible, gather multiple copies of the book for students to read. Use magnifying glasses, if the time and space allow, to provide students the opportunity to get an even closer look.

Questions for Discussion:

  • Describe what you see.
  • What do you notice first?
  • What is the physical setting?
  • What other details can you see?
  • What tools were used to create this?
  • What can you learn from examining this image?

Book Cover and Summary: Follett

Additional Resources:
HarperCollins Teaching Guide: HarperCollins.com
Magnifying glasses: Amazon